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Big Angry Phil Podcast

Mar 28, 2016

YOU AIN'T GOING ANYWHERE! - EPISODE 8 I go back to my Periscope roots and skewer the worst drivers on the road, shoot down the California Bullet Train, cheer for high speed chase suspects, find even more reasons to hate Margaret Cho, and give a high five to Dave Chappelle. Enjoy!

Mar 22, 2016

FEMINISM, MY DEAR WATSON - Episode 7 You think feminist actress Emma Watson's beatboxing video was puke-inducing? Wait til you hear her encounter with Gloria Steinem. I defend BART against it's whiny train riders, pop the "dead child's spirit in the balloon" theory, and try to find Jesus on Youtube. Enjoy.

Mar 15, 2016

THIS SHOW DRAGS ON: Episode 6 It's the battle of the tranny directors. Now that BOTH Wachowski brothers have become women (or something), I compare them and their wretched movies to the master of directing garbage in drag: Ed Wood.

Mar 8, 2016

THE ERIN OF THE GREEN: EPISODE 5 This time around I debunk El Neeenyo, wonder along with the rest of America if Luke Skywalker is gay, rip apart reboots, scare the shit out of the new Ghostbusters, make Erin Andrews cry more, and pay disrespects to Nancy Reagan. Enjoy! MUSIC: Opening - Supa Dupa Fly (Missy Elliot)....