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Big Angry Phil Podcast

Oct 26, 2018

I skewer the election fear-mongering stories, like the Honduran migrants and the Democratic bomb scare. The Dodgers are half-assing through another World Series, and the "sportscasters" covering it are half-assing their jobs. TV News has become nothing more than a product placement dump for McDonald's and Starbucks....

Oct 18, 2018

Happy WedneThursday. I cover everything from avocados to the Connors, with all kinds of idiocy mixed in. Cheers!

Oct 12, 2018

Special K is not just a cereal, it's female empowerment! Amy Schumer gets arrested at a protest, out of work celebrities continue to whine online, the Colorado Street bridge becomes Anti-Suicide bridge, and I give a couple of suggestions on what to vote on. *Starting WEDNESDAY, BAPP will be weekly every Wed. guaranteed.