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Big Angry Phil Podcast

Feb 24, 2019

America is actually surprised that R. Kelly was up to his usual shenanigans and finally arrested. America is also surprised that the Jussie Smollett saga is a big load of horse fuck. Young, social media addicted Americans are surprised that John Wayne said something outrageous, not knowing John Wayne is a peckerwood...

Feb 15, 2019

The 2019 Grammys the worst ever? Damn Right! Let's rip on them. Rebel Wilson stars in yet another "Look at me, I'm fat and unfunny" movie. It's Black History Month and the media celebrates by whooping us over the head with blackface stories, making me recall certain cartoons from the "censored eleven".

Feb 4, 2019

I marvel at how absolutely putrid Super Bowl 53 was, tell everyone to at least enjoy 2019 before putting 2020 election bumper stickers on cars, examine the bullshit surrounding the Jussie Smollet "assault", watch Ellen Page suffer from TDS during her Colbert appearance, and wonder where all the Burger Kings have gone.