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Big Angry Phil Podcast

Jan 29, 2020

Super Bowl 54 is right around the corner, but screw the accomplishments of the players, one female assistant coach is making all the headlines. Kobe Bryant was suddenly taken from the world, and, as usual, I look for Illuminati ties. Speaking of which, the day before the Grammys (and Kobe's death), was the Roc Nation...

Jan 18, 2020

A cheating scandal by the 2017 World Series winning Astros does not excuse the Dodgers choke jobs in the postseason. It's Wimmenz March time again? Yippee. I talk about the world's best radio station, and it's unlikely location. And is it me, or have Mike Bloomberg's campaign ads appeared everywhere?

Jan 9, 2020

2020 is off to a wild start, but out of all the life threatening things going on in the world, the Royal Family drama & the monologue from a comedian at the Golden Globes garnered the most media attention.

Jan 1, 2020

Last BAPP of the years recalls the sad story of Juicy Smolliet, tells a very bizarre and confusing trans baby story, and reviews some of the new, dopey 2020 California laws. HAPPY NEW YEAR, FUCKERS!!