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Big Angry Phil Podcast

Feb 27, 2021

I celebrate the 6th year of the Big Angry Phil Podcast by attempting to rant about 40 different current event topics with no retakes, no editing out burps, dead space, or other unprofessional sounding mistakes, and getting up in the middle of it to grab a beer. Enjoy!

Feb 7, 2021

2021 Bruh continues with more ridiculous wokeness, starting with PETA shunning the use of animals as human insults. Protest groups are trying to convince the KC Chiefs to change their name ASAP. The San Francisco school board insists acronyms are racist, and Dianne Feinstein School must go, and that pipsqueak David Hogg...

Feb 1, 2021

After spending some time working on a gig in Las Vegas, I reflect on all things Sin City, from hotels past and present, to entertainment, to what Vegas should do with the Raiders, to a local news reporter named Orko!