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Big Angry Phil Podcast

Sep 25, 2019

Greta Thunberg, everybody's favorite climate change robot girl, stands in front of the UN and proceeds to have a circuit overload. Huge numbers of brainwashed zombies around the world take to the streets to protest, and litter. The Emmys were sort of on, I guess. I wonder about the appeal of "reaction" videos.

Sep 15, 2019

Some pompous singer decides we need to call him by his new non-binary gender pronouns. The new Miss Monopoly board game is yet the latest attempt to push a very tiring agenda. I feel there is, and always has been, one truly safe space for transgenders, and it's on a certain television program.

Sep 7, 2019

More dumb parents are leaving kids in cars to broil to death, so the government wants to step in and force new cars to remind us that Junior is back there. Vegans and LGBTQ's finest protest Canada's first Chick Fil'a. Can a vegan diet lead to strokes? Hope so. Facebook Dating premieres, & gullible dorks everywhere...